Poker is the master game of all gambling where you need to showcase your fortune alongside your strategized skills. It is basically a game of cards where the players use the system of bets to complete the process of gambling. There are various games involves in it depending on the cards the players bet on each round and proceed in the game.

In most of the modernized play, the poker initially starts with one or few rounds of ‘blind’ play where the player doesn’t know the value of their cards once that blind round is done if the player is willing to see what has come up in his fortune, he can see and play his game accordingly, but the betting gets doubled or more. In the end, only two players are left out who end the game by facing a ‘showdown’ and the player with high cards according to the rules of poker takes away the pot.


History has witnessed that poker initially came to limelight in the early 19th century especially in the united stated, with the preceding years it outgrew its popularity and the game became a sort of amusement in various other places. by the recent records, the game is been played on a greater level can be said as it has grown popularity by doubled by the onset of the 20th century.


The simplest way to understand poker is the “height hand” and the “low hand” game. In these while playing “low poker” the player with the lowest rank of cards win the game whereas in the “high poker” the player having highest rank of cards win the pot. other than this there are many poker variants such as in ‘high hands’ there are “flush, the straight game”. Apart from this, there is “worst hand” wins such as “low ball, high-low split” and many more. Interestingly in high-low split the pot is divided between the best highest card holder and lowest card holder.


When everything has turned up its way to online why the poker should be left behind. There are currently a lot of poker games available online where the rules and the process of falling are same as an offline play. With the internet access, you get to know you other player and initiate your game in a better way. However, this had a start, an article published in 2015 roughly gave the idea of the online poker game.


To conclude, poker being a part of the gambling world has its own shine and dims. The rule of the game is very easy if you win you stay and if you lose you are out of the race. Well, this gambling doesn’t include the only fortune, it requires a match of psychology, to read the expression of the other players and then play your game. The skilled hand is very essential part of the game, as experience let you stay longer. It is not less than an addiction, as once you sit for the game you wish for more and more.

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